Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius

Minister of Justice and Security

Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius is a Dutch politician and since January 2022 minister of Justice and Security.

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Petra De Sutter

Belgium Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration, Public Enterprises, Telecommunication and the Postal Services

After a career as a fertility specialist, Petra De Sutter's indignation about harmful emissions into the environment leads her to become involved in politics. She first finds herself in the Belgian Senate and the Council of Europe, where she campaigns for a more social Europe, the protection of refugees and LGBTQI+ rights. In 2019, she sits in the European Parliament, where she becomes the first elected member of the Greens group to chair the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection. On October 1, 2020, she becomes Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration, Public Enterprises, Telecommunication and the Postal Services. Within the scope of her competences, she wishes to fully meet the challenges of digitization and sustainability. As Deputy Prime Minister, Petra De Sutter ensures that the environmental principles are respected in the general policy of the government. She also aims to build a social, inclusive and progressive society.

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Lorena Boix Alonso

Director for Digital Society, Trust & Cybersecurity at DG CONNECT

Lorena Boix Alonso is Director for Digital Society, Trust & Cybersecurity at the Directorate General for Communications Networks Content and Technology, at the European Commission. Formerly, she was Deputy Head of Cabinet of Vice President Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda. During Ms Kroes' mandate as Commissioner for Competition, Lorena Boix Alonso commenced in October 2004 as a member of her cabinet and became Deputy Head of Cabinet in May 2008. She joined the European Commission Directorate-General for Competition in 2003. Prior to that, she has worked for Judge Rafael García Valdecasas, at the European Court of Justice, as well as Deputy Director and Legal Coordinator of the IPR-Helpdesk Project and in private practice in Brussels. She holds a Master of Laws from the Harvard Law School. She graduated in Law from the University of Valencia (Spain) and then obtained a Licence Spéciale en Droit Européen from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

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Hester Somsen

Deputy National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) and director Cyber Security and State threats

Hester Somsen is deputy NCTV and director of Cybersecurity, Resilience State Threats and Economic Security. Prior to joining the NCTV, Hester worked at Foreign Affairs for 23 years. The last few years as Director of Security Policy. In that position she was responsible for implementing and monitoring Dutch international security policy in areas such as counterterrorism, cyber, hybrid threats and peace and crisis management operations. From 2013 to 2016, Hester served as ambassador in Beirut. She previously worked in regions such as the Middle East, Africa, Central Europe and the Balkans. Recently, Hester was appointed as Dutch ambassador in Berlin as of the end of summer 2024.

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Jasper Nagtegaal

Director Digital Resilience, Authority for Digital Infrastructure

Jasper Nagtegaal is responsible for the directorate of Digital Resilience within the Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure. In that role he is responsible for all operations on certification, supervision and enforcement under regulation of EECC, NIS/NIS2, CSA and eIDAS/eIDAS2 as well on certain public-private regulated ecosystems on eID and e-procurement. Over the past years he developed experience on implementing and building supervision on digital regulation like NIS and eIDAS in the Netherlands. In those years he also worked on strengthening cooperative supervision and combined reporting form the different regulators in the Netherlands.

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Corine Schipper-Derkse

Deputy director National Cyber Security Centre NL (NCSC)

Corine Schipper-Derkse has been acting director at the National Cyber Security Center in the Netherlands since 2023. Since 2021 she has been active at the NCSC as deputy director and as chief of staff responsible for the internal organization. With a background in governance and management of public organizations, she held various management positions at organizations in change in recent years. As Acting Director, she is ultimately responsible for the major tasks facing the NCSC, such as the task expansion into National CSIRT, the necessary digital transformation and the integration with the Digital Trust Center and CSIRT-DSP into one national cybersecurity organization.

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Hans de Vries

Chief Cybersecurity and Operations Officer at the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA)

Hans de Vries is the Chief Cybersecurity and Operations Officer (COO) at the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) since April 2024. Hans provides guidance and direction on the Agency’s operations activities and strategically advises the Executive Director. Hans specifically represents ENISA in the NIS Cooperation Group, the European Cyber Crisis Liaison Organisation Network (EU-CyCLONe) and the CSIRTs Network, which is composed of CSIRTs appointed by EU Member States and CERT- EU. His primary focus is the NIS2 implementation in the EU Member States and thereby helping to strengthen the current state of cybersecurity in Europe. Prior to this role, Hans was the director of the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-NL) for almost a decade. In this position, Hans was a member of the ENISA Management Board and Executive Board. He was also one of the main organisational forces behind The Hague’s ‘ONE Conference’, which is among Europe's prime cybersecurity events.

Hans’ prior working experience includes a top management position at the General Intelligence Services (AIVD) and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK), where he served as head of the ‘ICT Management Division’ and head of ‘Operational Management Coordination’. He has also extended working experience in the ICT security domain at an inter-ministerial and international level gained while in the Ministry. Hans has a law degree from Leiden University in the Netherlands and began his professional career in the private sector, before working for the Dutch central government in 2002.

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Moshgan Wahedi

Project manager NIS2 Registration and Incident Reporting , National Cyber Security Centre NL (NCSC)

Moshgan Wahedi is Project Leader for Notification and Registration Requirements at the National Cyber Security Center. In this role, Moshgan is responsible for setting up a Central Notification and Registration Point arising from the NIS2 Directive. She does this in close coordination with regulators, sectoral CSIRTs, line departments and other relevant stakeholders. Moshgan played an important role in the development of the National Detection Network (NDN) and knows the sector and subject matter well from that role.

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Bouke van Laethem

Project manager N-CSIRT & S-CSIRT, National Cyber Security Centre NL (NCSC)

Bouke van Laethem is Project Leader National & Sector CSIRT at the National Cyber Security Center. As a result of the Dutch Cybersecurity Strategy (NLCS) and the NIS2 directive, the NCSC is appointed as the National Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) of the Netherlands. In 2024, national and sectoral agreements will be made for this purpose so that, by the end of this year, the NCSC will be able to perform incident response and SPOC tasks as National and Sectoral CSIRT. Before joining the NCSC, Bouke was Team Lead at KPN-CERT. With a background as an ethical hacker, Bouke has a deep understanding of the subject matter.

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Michel Verhagen

Manager Digital Trust Center

Michel joined the Digital Trust Center in 2017, first as a program manager and then as General Manager. The DTC's mission is to make the (non-vital) business community more resilient against cyber threats. First, by driving partnerships in the field of cybersecurity. Secondly, by making up-to-date threat information and action perspectives available. Michel is part of the Directorate Portfolio Team at the NCSC and is, anticipating the renewed national cyber organization, responsible for expanding target groups and public/private partnerships.

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Philip Westbroek

OT Security officer, Enexis

Philip Westbroek works for the Dutch regional grid operator Enexis, he is responsible for OT security. Philip is also a certified IEC 62443 trainer for ISA Europe. He is a cybersecurity and datacommunications enthusiast with more than 20 years’ experience in these fields, he holds a Master degree in information security management. During the past 16 years he was responsible for the design and realisation of a number of smart grid projects. Among these projects were a cryptoserver solution for smart meters and the Enexis Private MVNO solution. This award-winning mobile M2M datacommunications solution enables Enexis to switch from one mobile operator to another without swapping the SIM cards Enexis use in their RTUs, smart meters and other M2M equipment. Philip was the lead implementer of the Enexis ISMS for the OT environment, this ISMS was certified for ISO 27001:2017 in 2020.

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Johan Rambi

EE-ISAC Member

Johan Rambi is independent strategic cyber security advisor to board/senior management and specialized in development of the IT/OT security posture with people, process and technology improvements. Furthermore Johan supports organizations with security roadmaps, risk assessments, awareness trainings, definition of cyber security requirements and implementation of measures in the role of subject matter expert. Johan launched, as co-founder, the European Energy-ISAC (EE-ISAC) to promote international collaboration and information sharing through public private partnership (PPP) in the EU Energy sector. A special highlight for Johan and recognition of the EE-ISAC was the participation at the G7 Cyber Security Summit in Tokyo, Japan and the signing of the MoU collaboration document between the US E-ISAC, Japan E-ISAC and EE-ISAC to foster global information sharing. Johan is also founder of the Dutch Agrifood-ISAC and is currently launching the Dutch EV Charging ISAC.

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Wim Hafkamp

Director Z-CERT

Since 1 April 2020, Wim Hafkamp has been director of the Z-CERT foundation, the Cybersecurity expertise centre for the Dutch Healthcare sector. Wim has a long track record in information security. Among other things, he worked as deputy director at the National Cyber Security Centre in The Hague. Until 2018, he was responsible for Rabobank's global security strategy as Global CISO. Wim has held various ancillary positions in the field of information security. For example, he was founder and chairman of both the Dutch and European versions of the exchange platform Financial Institutions - Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FI-ISAC). From 2017 to 2019, he also chaired the advisory board of DCYPHER, the Dutch platform for Cybersecurity research and higher education. In addition, he was active for six years as a member of the advisory board of ENISA, the European Agency for Information and Network Security. Wim has a legal and business economics background and also obtained his PhD at the University of Amsterdam in 2008 on the subject of 'Vulnerability and incident response in ITIL oriented organizations'

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Marcel Floor

Manager Information Policy @Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

Marcel Floor is a manager at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport in The Netherlands. He leads teams within the Information policy Directorate with focus on horizontal elements essential for facilitating trustworthy and secure health data exchange within the Netherlands. Being trained as a lawyer in the Netherlands and in Spain, he started his professional career in the National Parliament. Within the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport he had several (managerial) positions in a broad variety of policy domains, often with urgent political dimensions. Marcel served as a senior diplomat in Brussels, Beijing and recently in New Delhi, India.

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Johan Krijgsman

Coordinating specialist inspector e-health

Johan Krijgsman is a coordinating/specialist inspector at the Dutch Health and Youth Care Inspectorate. His field of expertise is digital healthcare and e-health. He is responsible for the further development of regulatory control of digital healthcare at the Inspectorate. One of his areas of supervision is information security at healthcare organisations in the Netherlands, like hospitals or organisations in long term care. He has contributed to several publications of the Inspectorate about the quality of digital healthcare at Dutch healthcare organizations. Johan has a background in enterprise IT architecture and application development. In the past he has been involved in developing the national e-health monitor and has worked at companies like IBM.

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William Biemans

System Administrator at Wuppermann Staal Nederland BV

William Biemans is System Administrator at Wuppermann Staal Nederland BV - Moerdijk (NL). He graduated of HTS mechanical engineering and started with Engineering in 1993. In 1999 he made the switch to ICT. He first worked at Automation company Egemin (NL+BE). From 2007 he is employed at Wuppermann Staal Nederland BV (WSN). William is responsible for everything to do with ICT for both the office and production environment.

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Evy Bawin

Legal Advisor, Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications (BIPT)

Evy has been a legal advisor at BIPT since 2020, where she immediately plunged herself into tackling legal issues covering a wide range of topics. At the moment, her main legal focus is mainly on the security of electronic communications networks and services, radio equipment conformity and artificial intelligence. Evy participates in several Working Groups on telecom security at EU level, such as the relevant workstreams within the NIS Cooperation Group and BEREC.

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Sheila Becker

Head of Network and Information Systems’ Security, Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR)

After her PhD graduation in 2012 from University of Luxembourg and University of Lorraine, Sheila worked at ILR (Institut luxembourgeois de Régulation) in the telecom sector before joining in 2016 the Luxembourg Armed Forces as head of the cyberdefence team and was soon afterwards seconded to the Directorate of Defence as cyberdefence advisor. Meanwhile in 2019 she found her way back to ILR as head of the Network and Information Systems' Security (NISS) team for implementing the NIS Directive as ILR became the competent authority for energy, transport, drinking water, health, and digital infrastructure. NISS team is also supervising the security measures and incident notification obligations for the telecom sector under the EECC and will be in charge of implementing NIS2 once it has been transposed to national law. Sheila is founding member of Women Cyber force and was vice-president for the first 2 years of the association.

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Rob Augustinus

Inspector specialist at Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure

Rob Augustinus is an experienced information security professional with over 20 years of experience in various roles such as Information Security Officer, IT security architect and network security consultant in both private and public sector organizations. In his current role he is Inspector Specialist at the Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure (RDI). At RDI he is involved with the supervision for the Dutch implementation of the EU NIS-directive for the Digital Infrastructure and ICT Service Management sectors. Besides this he is also active on EU level in various NIS Cooperation Group Workstreams in the area of Digital Infrastructure and Services, Cybersecurity risk and vulnerability management and Incident Reporting.

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Ruud Welschen

Program manager Cyber Security Industry

Ruud Welschen is Cybersecurity lead for Industry at Siemens Nederland N.V. He has been active in several industries in The Netherlands for over two decades. His first Cybersecurity for Operational Technology introduction was in 2001 to support industries becoming better resilient. His aim is to bring the teams and cultures of IT and OT together, building a more innovative and modern production capability in The Netherlands. Last year he introduced the #OTsecurityJourney as way forward to keep the overview of activities for production companies.

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Lucinda Sterk

Communication expert Digital Trust Centre

Lucinda Sterk is an expert on cyber security communications. She has a background in journalism and years of experience in the field of national security. She currently works as a freelancer for the Digital Trust Center and SURF. She also produces a weekly podcast about women in cyber security: All the Cyber Ladies.

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Jeroen Gaiser

Dep. CISO, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Jeroen is deputy CISO at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. One of his main tasks is the implementation of the NIS2 at the I&W Ministry as part of the government sector. Jeroen has been working in the government for almost 16 years, 12 of which with a focus on information security (both IT and OT).

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Vladimir Cibic

Chief Information Security Officer, KPN

Vladimir has more than 25 years of experience in IT and was formerly KPN’s CIO. He has experience in operations, development, program management, process management and managing complex organizations. Vladimir is real thought leader that is passionate about connecting the right people and creating traction, this is a common threat throughout his career.

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Jeffrey Leusink – Nicolai

Director CISO Office at KPN

Jeffrey is Director CISO Office, a staff organization within KPN that is accountable for KPN’s Security and Business Continuity policy and processes. Jeffrey directly reports to KPN’s CISO. Jeffrey is an authentic, committed and radically honest leader, with 10 years of experience in business administration, operations, process management and cyber security & business continuity management. He is specialized in organizational change management and creating an environment where things get done.

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Peter Zinn

Cyber Security Specialist, Public Speaker

Peter Zinn is a sought-after host and speaker on conferences worldwide. As an independent cyber security specialist he helps translate technical issues to actionable insights. He has worked for the National High Tech Crime Unit of the Dutch police, where he helped set up international and public private partnerships. In his role as a conference host he is known for his energy and curiosity.

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Patrick Spelt

Head of Cybersecurity Supervision

Patrick is currently serving as the Head of Cybersecurity Supervision at the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands. In this role, he is actively involved in enhancing supervision regarding cybersecurity measures within essential service providers across various vital infrastructure sectors including Maritime, Rail, Aviation, Drinking Water, and the main traffic network of the Netherlands. He demonstrates expertise in oversight, regulatory compliance, and risk management within the realm of cybersecurity, ensuring the resilience and security of critical infrastructure. Prior to his current position, Patrick held significant roles in the private sector, notably as the IT Lead for Identity & Access Management at Rabobank, where he managed multiple Scrum teams responsible for global Identity & Access management systems. He also served as a Team Lead in IT teams at Kempen & Co and Van Lanschot Kempen, where he demonstrated operational and tactical leadership in managing teams responsible for IT operations and application management. Patrick brings a wealth of experience in IT leadership, risk management, and team coordination, making him a valuable asset in ensuring the robustness of cybersecurity measures within critical infrastructure sectors.

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Machteld Vrieze

Team manager Auditing, Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure

Machteld Vrieze is a manager at the Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure. In recent years she has worked as a policy advisor on supervision, with NIS, trust services and electronic identities as her main areas of interest. She has chaired the European workstream for EU authorities on digital service providers in the past 4 years. She recently initiated a new workstream for supervising authorities in the NIS Cooperation Group. She has a background in law and computer science and work experience at various levels of government and in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Freddy Dezeure

Independent Strategic Advisor in cybersecurity and cyber risk management

Freddy Dezeure is an Independent Strategic Advisor in cybersecurity and cyber risk management. He was CIO of a private company from 1982 until 1987. He was a permanent official at the European Commission from 1987 until 2017, where he held a variety of management positions. He founded the EU Computer Emergency and Response Team (CERT-EU) in 2011 and managed it until May 2017. Since 2017, he advises governments and private enterprises on cybersecurity strategy and cyber risk management. He is an Advisor in several cybersecurity startups and leads community initiatives like the EU MITRE ATT&CK user community and a CISO working group on reporting cyber risk to Boards.

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Peggy Valcke

Executive board member at the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications

Peggy Valcke is executive board member at the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT - IBPT), where she is in charge of HR, legal affairs and network security. She is also (part-time) full professor of law & technology at KU Leuven and vice dean for research at the Leuven Faculty of Law & Criminology. She combines academic, regulatory and public policy experience in the broad domain of ICT law. She has been member of the General Chamber of the Flemish Media Regulator and assessor-judge at the Belgian Competition Authority for 15 years (2008-2023). She served as personal advisor to Vera Jourová, Vice-President European Commission, in the context of the European Media Freedom Act (2022-2023), and as expert media policy in the cabinet of the Flemish media minister (2005-2008). She is head of the Belgian delegation in CAI, the Council of Europe's Committee on AI tasked with negotiating a European Convention on AI, and previously served as elected vice-chair of its predecessor committee, CAHAI. At KU Leuven, she is co-director of CiTiP, the Centre for IT & IP Law, where she (co-)developed research lines in the areas of media and communication platforms; cybersecurity and cybercrime; autonomous and intelligent systems; privacy and data protection; and data economy and governance. She is also executive committee member at Leuven.AI and principal investigator at imec (previously iMinds). Peggy has taken up positions as visiting and part-time professor at Tilburg University (Netherlands; 2009-2018); Bocconi University Milan (Italy; 2018-2019), the European University Institute in Florence (Italy; 2014), and Central European University in Budapest (Hungary; 2006-2007).

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Michiel Steltman

Managing Director of the Digital infrastructure Association NL

Michiel Steltman is Managing Director of the Digital infrastructure Association NL (DINL), a coalition of organisations representing providers of core Internet services such as colocation, networks, cloud, hosting and domain registries. Steltman is the voice of this industry towards government, politics and the media. He has a strong technology and business background, with over 30 years of international experience in the IT and online industry. Other activities include his participation as core team member of various PPP initiatives in the area of cyber security, assurance, and cybercrime- and online abuse mitigation. Steltman is a frequent speaker and panelist and writes and speaks with passion about the ins and outs of the Dutch online sector and its impact on society and economy.

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Boryana Hristova-Ilieva

Team Leader for NIS Team at DG CNECT of the European Commission

Boryana Hristova-Ilieva is a team leader for the NIS Directive team in the unit H2 dealing with cybersecurity and digital privacy policy of DG CNECT of the European Commission. For the past 5 years she has been working on the revision of the NIS Directive and currently the implementation of the NIS2 Directive, as well as on drafting the Commission proposal for a Cyber Resilience Act. Before joining DG CNECT, Boryana worked as a case handler in merger control in the IT and telecoms sectors and antitrust enforcement in the energy sector at DG Competition of the European Commission.

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Aernout Reijmer

Chief Security Officer at ASML

As CISO at ASML, Aernout implemented significant security capabilities for ASML (including a 10 fold increase in investments and even more for organization) in the domain of Information, IT, Human and Physical Security. Executed for 8 consecutive years the Security Roadmap, running a portfolio of security projects, working away a historic backlog and achieving decent maturity level. Spearheaded SIA’s and SEMICON CISO workgroup (US), the same for multinationals in NL. Became CISO of BT Global Services at the early age of 33 through a track record of solid execution and delivery. While at BT, responsible for global security outside the UK. Brought security maturity to operational excellence level in 30 (mostly newly acquired) entities.

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Erno Doorenspleet

Vice President Security Strategy and CTO Security for KPN B2B

Erno has more than 20 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity. Since 2020, he has fulfilled the role of Vice President Security Strategy at KPN Security, but also as 'security evangelist'. Erno focuses on the security strategy and innovative activities of the commercial security branch of KPN. The cybersecurity field is a common thread through his career. During his fourteen years at IBM, he held various positions in the field of security and management. Over the years, Erno has specialized in themes such as security and risk management, governance, cloud computing and recently AI & security.

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Jurriën Norder

Teamlead international section NCSC

Jurriën Norder has been working at the National Cyber Security Center in the Netherlands since 2020.  Since 2023 he has been active as team lead of the international section of the NCSC responsible for the international outreach. With a background in political science at Uppsala University, he has held different positions at ministries over the past 13 years. Such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Security and Intelligence Agency (AIVD) and nowadays NCSC. The international team at the NCSC has various tasks, such as policy influence at the European domain, international operational cooperation, capacity building, international knowledge sharing  and best practices exchanges (to name but a few).

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Ronald Verbeek

General manager of CIO Platform Nederland

Ronald Verbeek is general manager of CIO Platform Nederland, the association of those ultimately responsible for digital transformation at large organisations in the Netherlands. With his team, he supports the approximately 1800 community participants and 140 member organisations in sharing knowledge and experiences in applying digital technology. He also shares these experiences as input for policy and legislative processes, among other things. Ronald is co-chair of the public-private partnership for the implementation of NIS2 in the Netherlands.

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Sjors van Aken

Senior inspector data breaches at the Dutch Privacy Authority

Sjors van Aken has been a senior inspector for the Dutch DPA for 6 years. Sjors has a legal background with a focus on IT. He has worked predominantly in the area of data breaches regarding personal data and cybersecurity. In his role he handles data breach notifications and ensures that entities take adequate measures to prevent similar data breaches from happening in the future. At the same time he supervises that these entities inform individuals who are subject to a high risk as a consequence of the data breach. Furthermore, Sjors leads cybersecurity investigations and he is in contact with several regulatory authorities and institutions, both national and European to collaborate on the topics of data breaches and cybersecurity.

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Gabor Verputten

Chief Information Security Officer at Het Waterschapshuis

Gabor Verputten is Chief Information Security Officer at Het Waterschapshuis , he is also bringing experience from previous positions. With a robust skillset that includes process management, ICT, leadership, Unified Communications, information technology and more, Gabor Verputten contributes valuable insights to the industry

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Joop Rutgers

Inspector specialist at Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure

In the initial 15 years of his career, Joop honed his expertise in information security as a Communications Officer (S6) at the Royal Netherlands Air Force and as a (cyber)detective at the Amsterdam Police department. Leveraging his profound operational knowledge, Joop is now dedicated to enhancing organizations' security maturity levels. Known for his pragmatic and driven approach, Joop collaborates closely with teams to elevate security standards in a socially conscious manner.

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Patrick van de Heisteeg

Coordinating Specialist Advisor of cybersecurity at the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate

Patrick van de Heisteeg is a permit, supervision and enforcement specialist in environmental science and works as a Coordinating Specialist Advisor of cybersecurity at the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT). Prior to that, he worked as Senior Policy Advisor Maritime Security at the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Patrick is the hosts for the Parallel session NIS2 for the Water and Transport sectors. The ILT is the designated NIS2 supervisor for the Transport sectors (Seaports, Rail, Road, Aviation, and Public Transport), and the Drinking water, Chemicals, Waste-management and Wastewater management sectors. Patrick is particularly interested in collaboration, mapping various legislation and efficient supervision that contributes to good governance.

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Joseph Mager

Deputy CISO Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Joseph’s passion for information security has shaped his academic and professional career. As a math student, he sought out specific courses in this field and chose a related topic for his Master Thesis. After having worked in other IT areas, he joined the security practice of Siemens in 2001. In 2011, he joined NS and defined the NS security roadmap including an implementation program and formed the NS Information Risk Management group. He currently works as deputy CISO within the Directorate NS Cybersecurity, focusing on co-operation on cyber security within the rail sector, the implementation of the NIS directive and the organization of the NS with respect to cyber security. Joseph is the acting chair of the Dutch ISAC for Rail and of the CER Expert Group on Cyber Security.

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Johan de Wit

Technical Officer Enterprise Security EMEA

Dr. Johan de Wit MSSM works for Siemens Smart Infrastructure in a non-commercial role as Technical Officer Enterprise Security EMEA. He is involved in global Siemens portfolio development and follows national and international trends and developments in the fields of safety, security and risk management. In this role he supports the local Siemens organizations in the EMEA region in (security) risk assessments and with the implementation of technical security solutions and services at Siemens relations in critical infrastructure. He is a member of various government committees, advisory boards, workgroups and communities of practice of norm institutions, government, academia and business associations in the Netherlands like: National Cyber Security Center, ASIS, Information Security Forum, Overseas Security Advisory Board (OSAC), National Network of Risk managers, Business Continuity Institute. He owns a masters degree in Security Science and Management and recently successfully defended his PhD research at Delft University of Technology on his thesis: Security Risk Assessments: Exploring Real-life Praxis. He is a regular (non-commercial) speaker at conferences and universities and publishes papers and articles.

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René Vroom

Team manager Specialists Network- and information systems, Dutch Authority for Digital Infrastructure (RDI)

After a career of 15 years within supply chain in fast-moving consumer goods industry at the Swedish company SCA Hygiene paper, René started in 2009 as head of innovation at RDI. Focus areas dynamic spectrum usage, 5G/6G, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Since 2012 René headed also Antennebureau at RDI, the government’s public information office on antennas. As from 2022 René is team manager specialists network- and information systems within the directorate Digital Resilience at RDI. In this position he is management responsible for the supervision on telecom security, and for the implementation of the cybersecurity certification under the CSA act.

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Sascha Maurer

Cybersecurity Officer, Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR)

Sascha has joined the ILR in early 2023 as Cybersecurity Officer. He is responsible for the supervision of the aviation sector and digital infrastructures. Sascha has a particular interest for the field of cyber governance and is particularly passionate about cyber policy. Previously, he has worked in the field of Cyber Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Jacques Kellner

Cybersecurity Officer, Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR)

Jacques has been a Cybersecurity Officer at the ILR since 2023. He is responsible for the supervision of the entities providing electronic communication networks or services. Previously, he worked as product manager for B2B telecommunication and cybersecurity products.

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Hervé Cholez

Research & Technology Associate, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Hervé Cholez received in 2008 his M.Sc. degree in computer science, specialised in security of information and communication systems from the University Paul Verlaine, Metz, France. Since 2010, he is a research and technology associate at the Luxembourg Institute of Science of Technology (LIST) in the Trustworthy Data Systems group of the Reliable Distributed Systems Unit of the IT for Innovative Services department. His research interests are mainly in the fields of security risk management, information security, cybersecurity, and standardization. Recently, he contributed to research projects related to the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures and essential services, in particular by contributing to develop a regulatory framework and models meeting the requirements of the European NIS directive and its transposition concerning measures for a high common level of security of network and information systems. He is also active in the ISO/IEC SC27 international standardization committee about IT security techniques.

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Johan Klykens

Director Cybersecurity Certification Authority, Center for Cyber security Belgium (CCB)

Johan Klykens joined the public service and more specifically the Belgian accreditation body, after working for 18 years in the private sector on compliance and quality assurance in the micro-electronics and medical field. He was involved in supporting the Cybersecurity Centre Belgium (CCB) on accreditation matters during the transposition of the NIS Directive and the development of the Cybersecurity Act (CSA). Johan Klykens joined the Cybersecurity Centre Belgium in June 2022 as the Director of the Certification Authority of the CCB. In this position he is responsible for the market surveillance of products, processes and services certified under the CSA Act and also represents the Belgian Authorities in the ECCG and participates to numerous ENISA working groups. He’s involved in the transposition of the NIS2 directive and responsible for the Cyberfundamentals Framework elaborated by the CCB. At par with that, Johan Klykens is a qualified Assessor on the main Accreditation Standards for BELAC the Belgian Accreditation Body, and involved in Standardization as the President of the Belgian Standardization Mirror Group on Conformity Assessment and member of Belgian Standardization Mirror Groups on Cybersecurity.

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Gérard Wagener

Operator, Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL)

Gérard Wagener holds a bi-national Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Luxembourg and INPL Nancy, France, earned in 2011. His doctoral research focuses on adaptive decoying systems to improve intelligence gathering on attackers in computer networks. Gérard comes from the malware research community, where he worked on projects such as sandboxes for monitoring and analyzing malicious software. In addition to these hands-on activities, his scientific work has investigated malware classification using phylogenetic trees and intelligent high-interaction honeypots driven by game theory. He has been working for the Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg since 2011, where he is involved in incident response, evidence analysis, large data processing, and project management.

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