NIS Directive User Community (NISDUC)

NISDUC will develop a set of activities aimed at raising awareness, competencies and capabilities for national authorities, Operators of Essential Services (OESs), Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and a larger public.

These activities include the development of training and support materials, the development of a certification scheme for OES/DSP employees as well as continuous monitoring of practices and experiences of the implementation of the NIS Directive.

NISDUC will also support the development of a community of practice bringing together OESs, DSPs, national competent authorities, sectoral associations, cybersecurity agencies, cybersecurity research centres and other relevant actors, through the organisation of an annual conference. These conferences, aimed to share knowledge, exchange experience and improve the training and certification scheme, will be open to OESs, DSPs, competent authorities, sectoral associations, cybersecurity institutions and other relevant actors.