Activity 1: Project coordination and outreach

This activity aims at guaranteeing the achievement of the project objectives and will be carried out by a project steering committee, including representatives of all partners.

  • Task 1.1: Project monitoring and follow-up activities
  • Task 1.2: Project administration and reporting
  • Task 1.3: Project communication
  • Task 1.4: Production of a report on how the Action has contributed the increased cooperation for effective joint cybersecurity operations and to build mutual trust/confidence

Activity 2: Training and certification

This activity will develop a training series and a certification scheme for OES/DSP employees in support of compliance with the NIS Directive.

  • Task 2.1: Definition of a reference framework for competencies
  • Task 2.2: Certification process
  • Task 2.3: Pilot training sessions
  • Task 2.4: Study

Activity 3: Monitoring on the practices and experiences of the implementation of the NIS Directive

This activity will continuously collect and share the best practices and experiences related to the implementation of the NIS Directive, both at the local level (LU and BE) and at the EU level. Information collected will mainly cover the following areas: OESs/DSPs (best practices, quick-wins, feedback, difficulties, tools facilitating management, threat and incident sharing, etc.), NCAs and SPOCs (best practices, framework for analysing the NIS Directive implementations, information exchanges, threat and incident sharing, etc.), and CSIRTs (threats and incidents, information exchange, good practices, etc.).

  • Task 3.1: Data collection
  • Task 3.2: Monitoring reports

Activity 4: NISDUC Conferences organisation

This activity aims to organise two annual conferences open to OESs/DSPs, NCAs/SPOCs, sectoral associations, cybersecurity institutions and other relevant actors in order to share knowledge, exchange experience and improve the training and certification scheme.

  • Task 4.1: Organisation of the first annual conference in 2022 in Luxembourg
  • Task 4.2: Organisation of the second annual conference in 2023 in Belgium or in Luxembourg
  • Task 4.3: Plans for the sustainability of the conference

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